Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of becoming a client at Open My World?

Please email to set up a visit.  There is no fee for the initial visitation; and, it allows us to get to know each other so that we can understand what comfort level the individual seeking therapy has in an outdoor, animal filled surrounding.  It also will give you a chance to find out where we are located.

Set up a re-visit for an evaluation.  The evaluation will help us to establish a baseline as well as determine what the individual needs are.  Evaluations are conducted as a full therapy session with a duration of either thirty minutes or a full hour.  The charge for this visit is $40 for a half hour or $60 for a full hour.

At the conclusion of the evaluation, the instructor will share the findings of their observations to establish a therapy plan, which will include length of session and establish a schedule.

What are the fees?

Half hour sessions are $160 per month.

Full hour sessions are $240 per month.

Open My World is a tuition based program.  Payments are due by the fifth of the month.

What about Insurance / Agency paid sessions?

Open My World is a provider for CLASS under Disability Services of the Southwest (DSSW), Gucci Healthcare Services, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) and Texas Workforce Comission (formerly called DAD) programs.

Insurance is accepted, but every company/policy is different.  We accept if they accept.

Here’s one life that has been changed – Presley’s parents brought her to Open My World with the hope of developing her core strength and balance. In addition to having Down Syndrome, her communication skills were very delayed.
Presley’s parents were advised to learn sign language to communicate.



Presley’s terrific progress in therapy made verbal communication possible. Presley has not only improved her core strength, she has gone from 3 word sentences to run on sentences! Like any other child her age, she asks many “why” questions!