Open My World helps dozens of individuals with special needs weekly, changing the lives of families across the greater Austin area. We can only achieve these results with the help of YOUR DONATIONS.



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CorbinHere’s one life that has been changed – Corbin is our youngest client at 3 years old. When he began therapy, he was unable to walk without having assistance–holding the hands of adults on both sides. His speech was very limited and he had a hard time focusing his eyes on anything, including eye contact when he was spoken to.



Corbin and DonnaAfter only four sessions at Open My World, his pre-school instructor began seeing improvement in both his coordination and communication. Corbin currently rides twice a week. He is able to walk the horse, holding onto the lead rope with both hands with no other support. He has developed upper body and leg strength to the point of being able to bend his knees and stand up while on the horse–with only his hands being held.


Open My World Therapeutic Riding Center’s founder, Donna Roland is a retired special education teacher. She has twenty-seven years experience working with children with various disabilities and age levels. Donna has owned, bred, and shown horses for over thirty years. The center is the result of her passion for teaching and horses.

As a special education teacher Donna Roland has been very successful in finding strategies and developing programs which meet a wide range of individual needs of children. She has also been a resource teacher, Master teacher and has 27 years of experience with children in the age group Open My World is offering services for today.

As an author/publisher of “Grandfather’s Stories” multicultural series, Ms. Roland acquired marketing and general business experience. In 1996 the company was recognized by Bank of America as a finalist in their Enterprise Award and the series was placed on California’s Core Literature, History/Social Science recommended lists for students in grades K – 2nd.

In the Spring of 2007, after completing 30 years of teaching, Donna retired, but it was short lived.  Donna had a strong desire to combine her passion and experience with horses and special needs children.  Today, Open My World is the result of her new mission.