Meet Our Horses


Breed: Halflinger

Age: Born 2007

Bella is one of two mares, and is definitely a diva. She is a gentle giant with a heart of gold.

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Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: Born 1993

Blue has had a versatile career. He has been in the show ring as a western pleasure, English pleasure, hunter, and has even been a barrel racer.

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Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: Born 1992

Corona is a former cutting/reining horse.  His beautiful coat shines in the sunshine like a bright copper penny.  He is one of our go-to horses who can handle a first time rider to one who has lots of experience.

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Breed: Chincoteague Pony

Age: Born 2003

Patches comes from a breed of American ponies that run wild in the Maryland-Virginia area. He is short in stature and just perfect for those smaller clients who need extra support from sidewalkers.  He has a near perfect heart shape on his forehead that is often hidden by his forelock!

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Breed: Quarter/Paint Horse

Age: Born 2001

Rossi is a former show horse.  He is always ready to go and has lots of energy.  Rossie likes to be with Sadie a lot; and, he really loves people.  Just walk up to the fence when he is turned out and he will be the first horse to come to greet you!

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Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: Born 1999

Sadie is a rescue horse.  She was a brood mare and has lots of energy and is very playful for her age.  She likes to hang out with both Corona and Rossi.

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Breed: Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse

Age: Born 1988

Smokey is our most experienced therapy horse; and, he has been at Open My World since 2008.  He still loves his job.  You can always count on this gentleman to do his work with his whole heart in it.

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