Corona, my name, is the latin and Spanish word for crown, and it is also the aura that surrounds the sun and other stars.  If you watched the 2017 total solar eclipse, you would have seen the beautiful corona of light around our sun.  Or, perhaps you saw it on television.  Either way, it is not something people get to see very often.  But, if you come to Open My World, you are sure to see me.  And, I’ll be so glad to get to meet you. 

You can recognize me by my sorrel coat and the white star and snip on my face.   “Sorrel” just means reddish or copper-red color. In the sunshine, my coat shines like a bright copper penny.

Before coming to Open My World, I  worked as a cutting, roping, and reigning horse.  And, I taught lessons to beginning riders.  My favorite job was working with young children to teach them how to ride. When I came to Open My World, I got to continue that work for some very special people who sometimes need a little extra care.  I love to be sweet to them and make sure they enjoy their ride.

One of my special gifts that helps me to work with kids is that I really understand and respond to voice commands well.  The kids know that when I hear “whoa” I will stop right away.  I know that responding quickly helps the kids learn to trust me and feel very safe when riding.  Once they are relaxed, they really learn fast and before they know it they go from walking to trotting and then to cantering.

I love when it is breakfast time or dinner time.  If you are around the barn then, you’ll hear me nicker.  The nicker is a sound I make that is pretty hard for humans to imitate and even harder to describe. But, it means I’m really happy to see you and want to say hello.  It is also my way of calling you over to bring my food to me as quickly as you can.   No matter which horses are in the barn with me, you will always know where I am because I will be the first one to call out to you with my own special nicker.

Like all horses, I love to eat and I know that it costs a lot to take care of a horse because besides food we need bedding, veterinarian and farrier care.  And then there are the special things we need to do our work–like saddles, bridals, fly masks, and reins. Just to give you an idea of what it costs for regular maintenance:

  • Every six weeks, hooves trimmed or pedicure ($30)
  • Daily bedding change (to keep feet clean and healthy) 7 bags per week ($42/week)
  • Daily feed, 16 lbs of hay ($14/day or $98/week)

That totals up to $870 every six weeks! Would you like to help with a donation to help take care of my needs?


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